Reliability. Accuracy. Efficiency


Soyuz-2 is an upgraded version of the most famous rocket in the world.

Soyuz-2 incorporates all the advantages of its predecessor and unique modern technical solutions. The new generation of Soyuz launchers features high reliability, multi-functionality, and eco-friendliness. Soyuz-2 vehicles enable a wide range of space missions.

Today, Soyuz-2 is a baseline launcher used for crewed missions to the ISS, the implementation of the Russian Federal Space Program and international commercial projects.

1. High reliability: proven by hundreds of launches. This very launch vehicle is entrusted with the lives of cosmonauts and astronauts during their flights to the ISS.

2. Multifunctionality / Versatility: modern and high-tech launch vehicles allow the implementation of the widest range of customer tasks - launches of various types of spacecraft, regardless of mass-and-dimension specifications and orbit parameters. The Soyuz-2 LV is an efficient solution for the insertion of satellite constellations with their subsequent deployment into different orbits.

3. Injection accuracy: The Fregat upper stage is an autonomous upper stage that expands the capabilities of the Soyuz launch vehicle to ensure SC injection into a full range of orbits - from low earth to geo-transfer, geostationary, highly elliptical and escape ones. The Fregat's propulsion system is capable of multiple burns, which makes it possible to perform complex manoeuvres to orbit satellite clusters with high accuracy. Since Fregat’s commissioning, over 95 successful missions have been fulfilled with its use.

4. Launch availability for customers: Soyuz-2/ Fregat launch system enables complex cluster missions in one launch when the satellites can be placed into 3 different orbits, which allows reducing the unit cost of one satellite launching while providing customers with the best parameters on the market in terms of a wide range of requirements to a satellite orbiting.

4800 kg

Payload mass
to sso

20-22 months

An average mission lead time


Upper stage

The coming launch by GK LAUNCH



continues to accept applications for launch services for satellites to be launched into the following orbit types:

low Earth orbit:

departure trajectories to other planets:

geotransfer/geostationary orbits:

Space ports

Vostochny is a first civilian space port. It is located in the Far East (Amur region), near Tsiolkovsky city. For Russia, Vostochny space port secures an independent access to space thus enabling fulfilment of the entire spectrum of space-related tasks.

Total area: 700 km2

First launch: April 28, 2016

Main facilities:

  • Soyuz-2 Launch Pad;
  • LV assembly and test facility (ATB);
  • SC/US/SHM assembly and test facility (ATB).
  • The Angara Launch Complex is under construction